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August 16, 2011

Project presented at Nordmedia 2011 conference

by salla

I just came back from Nordmedia 2011 conference, where our starting points for Media2 project were presented along with some results from our preliminary project DiRe. Nordmedia is the biannual conference for all communication researchers in the Nordic region – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Our group of organizational communications was rather small compared to other groups, but very enthusiastic instead!

Considering the feedback from the presentation and the discussions it seems that in the Nordic countries psychophysiological measurement are not at all widely used or even known in communication research, as we expected (it seems that in Finland, for example, psychologists are doing media reception studies but separately from media researchers). As our conference paper was focusing on the method, this was a good change to create awareness of these measurements as a research tool. Hopefully this will foster new multidisciplinary research ideas in the future and more collaboration as well.

And now to some hands-on work: planning the Media2 experiments with newly networked ideas!

The conference paper can be downloaded here (slightly updated version!) and also from the Nordmedia conference site.

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