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November 16, 2012

Analyzing, analyzing!

by salla

Data analysis is running hot with Media2! The measurements, as written earlier, were finished in summer, and after that our team at CKIR has been busy pre-processing the data from the psychophysiological signals. Next week it’s finally time to run the final analysis. There are only few months to go, so it looks like it’s gonna be a busy end-of-the-year!

During the autumn our project and some preliminary findings were presented in the Finnish Conference of Communication Research in Jyväskylä in August: some results from the self-reported data in the experiments and also a survey-based data on media company associations that we studied using correspondence analysis. Extended abstracts for the presentation can be found on the conference site:

Results from the correspondence analysis were presented also in 4th European Communication Conference ECREA in Istanbul in October. The data for this study consists of word associations given as aresponse to names of Finnish media houses by 1046 survey respondents, analyzed and visually presented using correspondence analysis. It seems that this is also a method not so widely used in communication studies, so we appear to be really brave with our settings!

All the findings will be published at the end of the project not only in scientific articles but also in a compilation report focusing largely on the implications of the results.

April 5, 2012

Measurements are mid-way!

by salla

We are happy to inform that at the moment we are half-way through with the psychophysiological measurements for the Media2 project’s experiments. In total, we are recording 55-60 participants for the experimental setting. The stimuli used consists of mobile news material. In addition, we are experimenting Implicit Association Test with EEG measurements and are really eager to see how the two data can be combined.

All the measurements should be finished around Vappu, after which the analysis of the data can begin. Meanwhile, we are also working with a big data set representing the associations Finnish people have regarding different media houses. Both of the data will look in to the concept of reputation as a frame, which is theoretically explained in an earlier post in this blog.

The preliminary results from both of these data sets will be presented in the Finnish Conference of Communication Research in Jyväskylä, August 30-31, so stay tuned!

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